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Respect and hygiene in Afghan cuisine

Meet Maryam, originally from Kabul, Afghanistan, who had to flee her country in 1992. After a long journey, she finally arrived in the Netherlands in 2000 where she met her partner. Together with their daughter, they lead a happy life here. Cooking is Maryam's love and passion, especially when it comes to Afghan cuisine. Having lived in many places in the Middle East, Maryam discovered many local flavors that she now uses abundantly in her recipes which she shares on her website. Through this platform, she hopes to take others on a culinary journey through the Middle East and introduce them to the tastiest recipes from the region.

“Afghan cuisine is a fascinating mix of Middle Eastern and South Asian influences"

According to Maryam, Afghan cuisine is a fascinating mix of Middle Eastern and South Asian influences, renowned for its rich flavors and delicious spice blends. However, it's not just the food that makes Afghan food culture unique. It's also about the way food is shared and consumed, Maryam explains. In Afghan food culture, it's customary for everyone to eat together. The food is usually placed in the middle of the table, and everyone serves themselves. But it's not just about sharing food. It's also about sharing experiences and stories, making eating always a social event.

There are several important traditions when it comes to Afghan food culture. For example, young people cannot begin eating until the elders start, showing respect and appreciation for the older generation, an essential part of Afghan culture. Additionally, it's not acceptable to start eating before everyone has washed their hands. This is an important hygienic practice that's adhered to throughout Afghan food culture, emphasizing the importance of cleanliness when sharing food.

“It's not acceptable to start eating before everyone has washed their hands.”

Maryam is immensely proud of Afghan cuisine. The flavors, techniques, and traditions are unique and offer an unforgettable dining experience. Sharing her culinary knowledge and dishes on her website, and now with our readers, is her way of expressing her pride and showcasing the beauty of Afghan culture.


Maryam shared with us this delicious healthy recipe for Borani Bandejan, an eggplant dish with yogurt sauce.

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Or try these Mantu, Afghan dumplings. It takes a little time, but as result you'll have an impressive and tasty work of art on your plate.

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