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Bengali Chicken Curry

60 min

4 servings


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This delicious Bengali curry is officially called 'Murgir Manghso Jhol' (roughly translated: soup-like curry with chicken). This used to be eaten as a Sunday meal in West Bengal in eastern India. Fish is often on the menu in this region, so chicken was a real treat. This dish is still a treat today, because this curry is a true taste explosion. Don't be put off by the many ingredients in this curry, because the dish is not difficult to prepare at all!


Preparation method

Step 1. The preparation

  • Peel the potatoes and cut them into three to four pieces.

  • Chop the onions and chop the tomatoes into small cubes.

  • Make the garam masala: mortar the green cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, cumin and cilantro.

Step 2. Make the 'garam masala' mixture

  • Heat the mustard oil in a deep frying pan and pre-fry the potatoes on medium-high. Once they turn golden brown in color, remove them from the pan and set them aside.

  • Add the bay leaves, the dried red chilies (or 1 tsp chilli flakes) and the whole cumin seeds to the still hot oil in the pan.

  • As soon as the cumin seeds start to sizzle, add the chopped onions, the garam masala and the ginger garlic paste.

  • When the onions are golden brown, add the chopped tomatoes and the turmeric powder.

  • Mix everything together well and try to 'puree' the mixture lightly with your spatula. Let the mixture stand on medium heat for another 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Step 3. Add the chicken

  • Add the chicken, baked potatoes and green chilies. Stir well into the 'garam masala' mixture and put the lid on the pan. Bake it for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

  • Add the cups of hot water to the pan, mix it with the mixture and cover the pan with a lid. Now let it sit for about half an hour. When the chicken is half done, add the sugar and some salt to taste.

  • Meanwhile, prepare the rice according to the instructions on the package.

Step 4. Serve the curry

  • Finely chop the cilantro.

  • Serve the chicken curry with the rice and garnish with the fresh coriander.

আপনার খাবার উপভোগ করুন ('Enjoy your meal')
Try this recipe and let us know what you think!Try this recipe and let us know what you think!
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In India they have a great diversity of flavors and dishes. Amrita, Ankita and Anindita will tell you more about this.


  • 1 kg of chicken legs or legs

  • 6 medium potatoes

  • 6 medium onions

  • 4 tomatoes

  • 2 dried red chilies (or 1 tsp chili flakes)

  • 0.5 tsp sugar

  • 3 bay leaves

  • 8 tbsp mustard oil

  • 2 green chilies

  • 1 tl turmeric

  • 2 tl ginger garlic paste

  • 1 tsp cumin seeds

  • 0.5 tsp chili flakes

  • 3 cups of hot water

  • 10 grams of fresh cilantro

  • 300 grams (basmati) rice

  • Salt to taste

Garam masala

  • 8 whole green cardamoms

  • 8 cloves

  • 5 cm cinnamon sticks

  • 2 tsp cumin seeds

  • 2 teaspoons coriander

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