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 About Smaack

With Smaack we want to make people more familiar with foreign cuisines and food cultures. The C in Smaack therefore also stands for culture (Smaak is the Dutch word for 'taste'). We believe that different cultures can learn a lot from each other. Not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of eating habits. We want to make it more accessible to try new truly authentic recipes from other countries.

The idea arose when a friend of Dafne asked her if she had a classic roti chicken recipe. "I first tried to look it up on the internet, but I discovered that it was very difficult to find a recipe comparable to the classic roti 

recipe from my Surinamese grandmother." Often ingredients such as pineapple were added, which absolutely should not be in a real roti chicken dish. This also applies to many other foreign recipes, which makes it difficult to discover cuisines from other countries. "When I shared this frustration with Karin, the concept of a cooking website with authentic recipes passed down for generations was quickly born." The recipes on our website come from people who have actual roots in the country where the recipe comes from. We not only want to pass on the recipe, but also tell the story of the country behind the recipe. Food connects and we want to emphasize that with our website.


About us

We are Dafne and Karin, friends for ten years now, with a strong passion for cooking and eating. The best thing about cooking is trying out new recipes from other countries. Discovering new flavors or interesting stories from other cultures is one of the best things out there. We love to share this passion with you.

About the logo

The logo symbolizes our mission to exchange flavors from different countries. The cilantro symbolizes the different spices used in foreign cuisines. The tomato stands for "umami", one of the five recognised basic tastes, and can also be found in almost every kitchen. Besides, these are one of our favourite herbs and vegetables.

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