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Discover the diversity of Armenian cuisine

Emma's parents are from Artsach, Armenia. The country is known for its beautiful nature reserves, culture and rich history. Emma tells us more about the diversity of the Armenian cuisine and reveals that Armenians do not always follow the recipe so strictly, but everyone prepares the recipe in his or her own unique way.

Emma explains that the Armenian food culture is very rich, traditional and extensive. Armenian food culture is distinguished by its intricate, well-spiced and diverse dishes. “If you want to make an Armenian dish, you really have to take the time. Every dish has its own history, technique and taste.” Food is considered an impact maker in Armenia. Emma even calls it "art", because everyone has their own unique way of preparing. “The origin of our ancestors also plays a major role in this. As a result, there are many regional dishes and many variations of traditional dishes. ”

"Food is considered" art "in Armenia, where everyone has their own unique way of preparing."

Armenian food culture is centuries old. You can see this history in the recipes. Emma explains: “The dishes that we still make today are descended from our forefathers. Tradition is very important to Armenians. Many ingredients with original flavors are used, which were also used by our ancestors. For example, when we make Tolma here in the Netherlands, stuffed grape leaves, we use herbs that have been specially brought over from Armenia.”

In addition to very specific ingredients, the Armenian cuisine also has special dishes that are eaten during festive occasions. “During every public holiday we have specific dishes that are specially made on those days. For example, during New Year's Eve you can see tolma, Parma ham, fish or barbecue on the table at every Armenian. During Easter we make fish, various salads and Xapama (rice with dried fruit). On colder winter days it is a tradition to eat Ghash with the whole family.” Emma also says that Armenians are real bread eaters. “We prefer to eat Lavash. This is thin bread from Armenia, which we prefer to eat with every dish.”

“If you want to make an Armenian dish, you really have to take the time. Every dish has its own history, technique and taste. ”

Emma doesn't have to think long about what her favorite dish is. “I really like Tolma. These are grape leaves with a filling of minced meat, rice and many herbs. The combination of the ingredients is very delicious. I can eat this at any time of the day. ”

Finally, Emma explains that many herbs are used in Armenian cuisine, both fresh and dried. "Dill, parsley, tarragon and coriander are indispensable in many dishes." In addition, wheat, chickpeas, lentils and white and brown beans are frequently used. Although Armenian food contains a lot of meat, there are also plenty of vegetarian dishes without meat.”



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